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Gainsharing Inc. offers in-house Gainsharing Workshops. These workshops cover the same basic Gainsharing information and advanced techniques as the Public Gainsharing Workshops, but are customized to your specific needs. The content is drawn from over 20 years of actual Gainsharing implementation experience in both manufacturing and service companies. The advantages and disadvantages of various Gainsharing approaches are covered, along with the "do and don'ts" and ways to ensure success with Gainsharing and many other topics.

Advantages of the In-House Gainsharing Workshop include:

  • It's an excellent and cost efficient way to educate teams or large groups regarding Gainsharing.

  • The workshop content is customized to your needs so you can focus immediately on:

    How Gainsharing would be implemented at your company,
    What the benefits would be,
    What the areas of "low hanging fruit" would be that you would target from the outset, and
    What the strategy would be to achieve the gains in the initial periods, etc.

  • You incur no hotel or transportation expenses.
  • You avoid time lost to travel.

NOTE! Brochures for the In-House Gainsharing Workshops can be downloaded by clicking here.

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