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"This (Profit Driver Gainsharing) is the best thing I've seen so far as a tool to help us beat our plan and get us to where we need to be." Tim Mathis, Manufacturing Manager, fiber glass manufacturer.

"Profit Driver Gainsharing has given us a new level of visibility and accountability to things that we just lived with in the past. We are doing a better job of questioning and correcting now." Russ Davies, Operations Manager, toy/game manufacturer.

"Profit Driver Gainsharing, it's doing what it's supposed to be doing." - Bob Meyer, Controller, printing company

"Profit Driver Gainsharing is forcing us into an organized management structure." - Wayne Bent, General Manager, plastic products manufacturing company

"Profit Driver Gainsharing made our year financially. It basically puts a new management culture into your business." - Bill Bugg, President, window manufacturing company

"I can't get over how people care about things (after implementing Gainsharing) that they never cared about before." - Jody Fledderman, President, stamping, assembly, resistance welding company

"I'll tell anyone who asks me about our performance improvements from Gainsharing that it's been just breathtaking!" - Jim Fitch, President, metal forming company

"Gainsharing has helped us understand our Company better. It makes us pay attention to, and take action on the things we need to do to be successful." - Chip Giardina, Controller, Saw blade manufacturing company

"This Gainsharing, it's on our people's minds 110%. If you talk with them it's going to come up. They talk it all the time. It's why they're motivated. It's why they bust their tails." - Stanton Lane, Logistics Manger, machinery manufacturing and rebuilding company

"The productivity increase and positive changes we have had since implementing Gainsharing has been phenomenal . . . and we are just beginning." - Gary Hicks, General Manager, electric transformer manufacturing company

"Gainsharing has taken us to a new level of productivity." - Rodney Phipps, Chief Financial Officer, metal stamping company

"The things Profit Driver Gainsharing has shown us about our business and how to run it have been really helpful." David Amatangelo, President, coroplast packaging company

"Gainsharing is the incentive to get your employees involved in your business. You have to be willing to give back to your employees to be successful - that is the key - it gives you a means of giving back." - Rick Craft, Production Manager, metal stamping company

"I was skeptical at first. But, I must admit our performance improvements with Gainsharing have convinced me." Dave Maggart, Information Systems Manger, metal fabrication company

"I think the Gainsharing concept is the greatest management tool that I have run into in my years of doing business, very honestly. I like it and think its the greatest thing since sliced bread in terms of trying to get everyone in your business involved in the business. And what I love about this program particularly is just the complete scope that it covers. There isn't a facet of our business that we don't somehow talk about periodically. I can't think of a better tool where you get everyone focused on your business." - Bob Sibilsky, General Manager, corrugated box manufacturer

"Gainsharing has helped us focus on making our shipments on time by getting everyone to pull together. We are presently anticipating an increase in our volume and it has helped us to get production, maintenance, tooling and management all on the same page to be sure that things get done when they need to. We don't have the luxury of being able to postpone the jobs, because another job will be scheduled to run later. Since we began Gainsharing, our productivity has improved more than 20% and our scrap has also gone down about 20%. Gainsharing has really put a focus on our quality efforts lately, making us sure that everything we ship out of here has zero defects. When you first hear about Gainsharing, it can sound too good to be true. But when you get everyone focused on improving throughput, and eliminating the barriers, you can't help but be successful with it." - Timothy Fry, Controller, metal stamping and weldments company

"The relationship between paying Gainsharing bonuses and increased profits is perfect." - Dirk Benthien, VP Administration & Finance, major chemical company

"The Gainsharing Program has very much motivated our people on the floor. All the skepticism has melted away. They love the money and they realize now how much of an impact they make. It's increased our productivity. It's helped us get current, because we are all more conscious of what has to ship out. Our backlog has definitely decreased. Our quality awareness has come up. Our scrap awareness has come up. People are paying attention to what they are doing, because now they feel like they have a say, and they can see their impact. With Gainsharing, they have a greater sense that what they do really means something." - Mary Ann Bender, Operations Manager, metal stamping company

"Gainsharing has put peoples' minds on track with what it is that we are all about, and that is getting quality products to the customers when the customers' want them - understanding what throughput is, etc. With Gainsharing, if we concentrate on throughput it will enhance the peoples' pocketbooks as well as the company's pocketbooks." - Edmund S. Mende, Chief Financial Officer, precision metal machining company

"There is no other mechanism that has the potential to produce results as quickly and efficiently as Gainsharing does." - Joe Krivitsky, Controller, wireless communications component manufacturing company

"Gainsharing has opened peoples' minds to what running the business is all about. Period. Its great! It's really concentrated our employees' on increasing throughput - which is what it's all about." - Jim Black, Plant Manager, metal heat treating company

"Gainsharing has improved our communication. It forces us to get out in front of our people and say what we are doing to ensure that they have a job next month." - David Amatangelo, President, coroplast packaging company

"Gainsharing has really helped us improve our employee attitudes (union and management). We're now able to make good on our sales promises. Before we struggled to live up to all the promises we made to customers." - Steve Klein, Director of Quality Assurance and Operations Services, major chemical company

"Gainsharing has taught us the meaning of teamwork." Michelle Oldford, Production Manager, metal stamping and fabrication company"We have the ability to earn extra money through Gainsharing. It's exciting!" Barbara Carpenter, Director of Human Resources, electric component manufacturing company

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