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Pay for Performance Gain Sharing

Would you like to be able to get that extra bit of motivation from your people that they give from time to time, but not consistently, that you put into your quotes done with a “sharp pencil”?

Do you believe in rewarding great performance, but need a way to do it that works for both the company and employees?

Do you need a simple pay-for-performance system that:
(1) is easy to understand,
(2) uses information that your company already has,
(3) is low maintenance and
(4) easy to live with?

Would you like to get everyone in your company "working on the same page”?

How can you respond to these pressures and increase the bottom line at the same time?

Industry leaders are using Gainsharing performance based pay systems to give their people Gainsharing bonuses for driving performance up and costs down.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported . . . that "35% of companies have incentive plans for non-management employees and 10% more are considering them."

We hope you use this site to learn more about Gainsharing. We encourage you to contact us via phone or email for more specific information about how your Company can gain competitive advantage with Gainsharing.

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